Contributing to industrial development
and infrastructure improvement
From sales to installation of civil engineering materials
and structural steel

At Terabe Shoten Co., Ltd., we contribute to local industrial development, primarily in the Mikawa area, as well as to infrastructure improvement that enable people to live safely and comfortably. We have a track record of transactions with more than 400 client organizations, including government offices, major construction companies, and processors of reinforcing bars and steel girders, and we have earned their strong trust.

Civil engineering
and construction
One-stop service
from material procurement to installation

We provide comprehensive services from material procurement through to installation of guardrails, protective barriers, and other components for which demand is on the rise. We have first-class and second-class civil engineering works execution managing engineers on staff, so we undertake construction work of sound quality capable of meeting your desired delivery date and budget. Please rely on us with confidence.

Steel processing
and sales
An extensive inventory enabling prompt delivery in one week

We stock primarily steel plates and steel H-beams in a broad range of shapes, materials and sizes. Our comprehensive services also include initial processing such as cutting, drilling, shot blasting and more. Our Civil Engineering Division handles products such as steel sheet piles, steel pipe piles, various accessories, road signs, security items, and more.

While valuing steady,
untiring progress for the sake of our customers,
we will continue to grow as supporter
of Mikawa’s infrastructure.

Thanks to the support of our customers, Terabe Shoten Co., Ltd. celebrated its 70th anniversary in June 2020.

Today, we undertake projects from steel processing through to civil engineering work, but at the time of the company’s founding, we were a wholesaler focused exclusively on purchasing steel from steel manufacturers in Nagoya and selling it to ironworks. Also, at the time, we unloaded the purchased steel by hand. However, around 1965, we installed a gantry crane. Later, we received requests not only for sales but also processing, so we obtained shaped-steel cutting and drilling equipment from a client. And now, we handle primary processing, including cutting, drilling, beveling and shot blasting, as well as civil engineering projects such as installing protective fences.

In doing so, we have worked to meet all manner of customer requests to enable us to contribute to our customers and local society. We have remained debt-free to the present day, and while this is a reward for our diligent efforts, it is above all a testament to the support we have received from our customers - to whom we express our heartfelt gratitude.

From now, we are transitioning from our beginning period into a period of growth. And for our customers centered around Mikawa, we at Terabe Shoten Co., Ltd. aim to make the company one of unrivaled strength. This year, which marks the beginning of our period of growth, is an extremely important year. We would like to steadily take our first major step with our founding desire of “for the customer” fresh in our minds.


Company name Terabe Shoten Co., Ltd.
Representative president SATOSHI TANAKA
Head Office 56-38, kawaguchicho, nishio-shi, Aichi, Japan,
TEL +81(0)563-56-3331 FAX +81(0)563-56-8275
Established Jun, 1950 Corporate registration
Capital 21million
Employees 57
Business Area Sales and primary processing of general steel materials
Sales of materials for construction and civil engineering
Installation of protective barriers (guardrails, guard pipes, fences, etc.)
Construction work (steel girders, reinforcing bars, and deck work)
License Construction Business License:
Aichi Prefecture Governor’s License (General-2) No. 15473
Main client JFE Steel Corporation, JFE Metal Products Corporation, JFE Bars & Shapes Corporation, Nakayama Mitsuboshi Steel Products, Ltd., Nippon Steel Metal Products Co., Ltd., Tokyo Steel Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Topy Industries, Ltd., Yamato Steel Co., Ltd., Yamaguchi Kogyo Co., Ltd., Kyoei Steel Ltd., Sekisui Jushi Corporation, TeikinR, and more
A total of more than 400 organizations including suppliers and customers
Group companies Yamazaki Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Kajiya CTM Co., Ltd.

Head Office
56-38, kawaguchicho, nishio-shi, Aichi, Japan,
TEL +81(0)563-56-3331 FAX +81(0)563-56-8275

Hachigashiri Office
(Yamazaki Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)59, hachigashiricho, nishio-shi, Aichi, Japan,
TEL +81(0)563-56-3841 FAX +81(0)563-56-0125

Mito Machining Center
1-1-23, miyukihama, mitocho, toyokawa-shi, Aichi, Japan,
TEL +81(0)533-75-2327 FAX +81(0)553-75-2328

Mishima Office
#205 Royalowl-apartment 5-2 mishima-shi, Shizuoka, Japan,
TEL+81(0)55-955-9072 FAX+81(0)55-955-9073


For inquiries, please contact us by telephone or fax, or via the following online form.

Head Office

TEL +81(0)563-56-3331
FAX +81(0)563-56-8275

*For inquiries regarding recruitment, please contact the head office.

Hachigashiri Office

TEL +81(0)563-77-3841
FAX +81(0)563-77-0125

Mito Machining Center

TEL +81(0)533-75-2327
FAX +81(0)533-75-2328

Mishima Office

TEL +81(0)55-955-9072
FAX +81(0)55-955-9073